36 Inch Natural Heavy Duty Nylon Zip Tie - Ms3367-13-9 -

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  • Color: Natural

  • Length: 36 Inch

  • Material: Compound Nylon

  • Max Bundle Diameter: 10.82 inch

  • MIL-Spec: MS3367-13-9

Secure(tm) Brand heavy duty nylon HVAC cable ties are a natural choice for many applications due to their versatility and ease of installation in addition to their low price point. Nylon Cable Ties have virtually limitless applications for just about every industry. Suitable for most applications, our standard cable ties have a continuous working temperature of -40degF to 185degF and can support a maximum weight of 175 lbs. Available in wide variety of colors allowing virtually limitless options for color coded organization and easy identification. All Secure(tm) brand cable ties feature smooth rounded edges making these cable ties easy on the hands, in addition to a finely spaced gear rack allowing for exact adjustment ensuring a snug fit. Comprised of Compound Nylon with a compact molecular structure provides better weathering and sunlight resistance, higher melting point, superior colorfastness and excellent abrasion resistance creating a high quality, dependable cable tie with natural high resistance to insects, fungi, animals, molds, mildew, rot and many chemicals .