Cable Clamp, Large Cable / Hose / Rope / Power Tool / Computer Cable Clamp, Blue Color (Set/

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  • Easy-to-use cord management that is superior to tape, cable ties, and hook & loop products.

  • Reusable, adjustable, rugged - constructed with durable polymers and stainless steel.

  • For travel, household, office, kitchen, yard, garage, recreation, and other cord management.

  • Color : Blue

  • Size : Large

The Cable Clamp is an innovative and easy-to-use cord management and organizational tool which is superior to tape, cable ties, and hook & loop products. The Cable Clamp is forever reusable and can be easily opened and closed with one hand utilizing its unique Quick Connect Quick Release feature. Constructed with durable polymers and stainless steel, it features self-aligning, self-adjusting, and self-locking technologies. Tremendously useful with real-world applications, the Cable Clamp is the solution to your wiring needs. They are designed to accommodate a wide array of applications, including organizing standard desktop computer wiring to bundling extension cords. Other real-world organizational uses include: Cords, Wires, Bags, Belts, Keys, Fabric, Jewelry, Hoses, Ropes, Plants, Travel, Boating, Sports & Camping, Audio, Visual & Photographic Equipment, MIS Networking & Electronics, Computers, Portable Electronics, Office Equipment, Business Systems, Notebooks, Mobile Phones, Apparel, Stereos, Bath, Christmas Lights, Home Appliances, Power Tools, AV Wires, Accessory Wires, Decorations, Extension Cords, and More! The Cable Clamp is intended to replace tape, nylon wraps, and hook & loop products, such as Velcro, when securing, bundling, or transporting cords, wires, and a variety of other items. Constructed with durable polymers and stainless steel it offers the final solution to sticky residues left from tape; the deterioration of expensive and difficult-to-use hook and loop fabrics; and the elimination of one use/one way locks found on disposable wire wrap products.