Degreaser - All-Purpose Cleaner For Bbq Kitchen Appliances Countertop And Tile (16Oz) Bio-Natural

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  • * Heavy duty bio natural cleaner and degreaser effective and safe for BBQ kitchen appliances countertop tile and all washable surfaces (16oz)

  • * Advanced formula for best results on kitchen appliances (can be extended by water to clean glass and shiny surfaces)

  • * Environmentally Preferred Product, Contains no harsh chemicals, Safe around children and pets

  • * Use on: oil, grease, stubborn stains spots indoor and outdoor

  • * Recommended for: Home users as well as for restaurants, kitchens, mechanic workshops, hotels and hospitals

  • Color : Clear

  • Size : 16oz

DEGREASERBio-Natural is a Biodegradable, Heavy Duty, Safe on all washable surfaces, Economical, No Rinsing Required, Color Safe and Effective, Environmentally Preferred Product, Safe for kitchen personnel, Safe around Children and Pets, Contains no harsh chemicals.Non-toxic environment without giving up any of the effectiveness of commonly used conventional cleaners.

Recommended for:
Kitchen Appliances, Countertops, Bathrooms, BBQ, Oil, grease spill, stubborn dirt and stains (allow to soak for a few minutes).

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DOT Classification: Non-regulated