Grindarolla Cone Loader, Grinder And Stash System (Blue)

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  • Make 1 - 6 smokes at a time.

  • Grinding, filling, sifting & storage all-in-one-system.

  • Simple to use, no more mess!

  • Grinder Cleaning Tool Included.

  • Great for Arthritis users; no hassle to make medicinal sticks.

  • Color : Blue

Introducing, the Grindarolla. This innovative herb grinder is perfect for anyone who is tired of struggling with poorly rolled joints and wasted time. It contains six main parts: a magnetic herb grinder, a cone, the body, a storage compartment, a cleaning tool, and a packing tool._x000D_ This magnetic grinder and filling system is able to fill 1-6 pre-rolled cones at a time. The Grindarolla offers enough space to store tools, RAW Hemp Cones, and cones that are already packed. A Ninja Star cleaning and packing tool is also included. The Grindarolla is made from durable polycarbonate plastic that will have you producing your perfect joints for a long time._x000D_ The innovative design and function eases and expedites the process of filling cones, which means that you can enjoy your smokes sooner.